​Portrait Name

Class Weapon Hero Set Episode Leader How to obtain (besides Belle's shop)
Iphicles Knight Sword and Shield Muscle Workout, Brave Brothers Athens Yes
Actaeon Archer Bow Chiron's Hero Crash Course Athens No
Sinis Knight Twin Sword Streetside Poets Athens No
Periphetes Knight Two-handed Sword Streetside Poets, Muscle Workout Athens No
Procrustes Knight Twin Sword Streetside Poets Athens Yes
Icarus Archer Bow Father and Son Crete Yes
Cyclops Knight Two-handed Sword Horror Express, Muscle Workout Crete No
Minos Wizard Staff Father and Son Crete Yes
Paris Archer Bow Hector's Younger Siblings, Annoying Couples, Brave Brothers, Love Triangle Troy No Random Portrait in Troy levels
Priam Wizard Staff Troy Yes
Isolde Aide Wand, Crystal Annoying Couples, Princess Diary Camelot No
Gareth Knight Sword and Shield Brave Brothers Camelot No
Andromeda Aide Wand, Crystal Princess Diary Historia I Yes
Midas Wizard Staff League of Kings Historia I No
Sancho Aide Staff Historia II No